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    Do you suffer from psychological complaints and are you looking for a permanent solution?

AdCor Depth therapy

Do you suffer from psychological complaints, find yourself in a vicious circle you can’t seem to escape, and are you looking for a permanent solution?
A quick solution, such as changing your mind or looking for distraction may provide some temporary relief, but often symptoms re-occur later and may be even more severe.

This may have the following consequences:

  • There will always be a dark and threatening cloud over your head;
  • You will not develop optimally;
  • Your talents will not come to fruition;
  • You will remain walking in the shadow;
  • or you miss out on social contacts that bring colour to your life.

In short: you will not be living life to the fullest.


Do you recognise this?

Sometimes things might go through your head you do not want to think about because they hurt or scare you, or because you think you should not or are not allowed to think about them. This may cause you to try and get over them as quickly as possible and resume the daily routine.

Many psychological complaints are caused by suppressing these kinds of experiences, emotions and thoughts. In most cases, this takes place unconsciously. 

Feelings of inferiority
Worrying, fretting


The cause of your complaints

These are all signs your body uses to indicate that you are not really aware of who you essentially are and what it is that makes you happy.
If you fail to act on these complaints, your feelings of frustration, pain, anger and sadness will increase, leaving no room for anything else.
Using depth therapy, we will try to find the cause of your complaints and I will help you to become aware of and understand them. This will eventually result in room for growth, thus allowing you to develop your qualities, a positive self-image and strength.


Introductory interview

• Are you not feeling well? Are you restless and unsettled? Do you not know what is causing this?

• Do you have physical complaints that might be related to psychological complaints?

Have you suffered any trauma?

Are you trying to find a balance in yourself, your relationship(s), or combining work and private life?

Do you wish to develop personally?

Do you want to steer your career in a new direction?

Do you find yourself in a vicious circle and feel unable to escape?

In short:


are you are stuck in your head and you cannot solve this? Depth therapy could help.

I would like to invite you to a consultation to find out whether this form of therapy is suitable for you.

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