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Situations in which employees are constantly experiencing stress, are easily disconcerted or regularly report sick have an adverse effect on the work climate and performance.
Naturally you wish to prevent long-term illness.
I have over twenty years of work experience in the business community and during this time I have seen a huge number of employees suffering from work-related stress. I saw how they were nearly or entirely overstrained or even suffering from burnout.
Did you know that an employee with burnout spends an average of eight months at home?


Burnout is one of the main causes of sick leave

Today an increasing number of employees are dropping out due to psychological complaints.
In many cases, this is caused by a combination of work and personal as well as social issues. Unfortunately, many organisations still devote little attention to this as it is considered a taboo subject and because many employers do not consider it to be their problem: they focus on keeping work and private life separate.
Although this is understandable, it is important to keep an eye out generally, to allow you to identify issues at an early stage, intervene in good time and prevent absence through illness.
After all, employees are the pivot of your organisation and can make or break it.



Prevention is better than cure

If you are focusing on decreasing sickness absence in your organisation and improving the climate and work performance,
I can help you realise this.
I can provide your employees with a platform in the company, someone they can approach for a sympathetic ear, coaching, therapy sessions or career counselling.
This will demonstrate that you are a committed employer and will result in significantly reduced staff absence.
This is how you can improve both your organisation and the life of your employees.
Would you like to know what the options are?
Each form of coaching or therapy is customised, so I would be happy to visit you for an informal introductory talk.

Please contact me through this contact form for more information or to make an appointment.