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Carl Gustav Jung

Depth therapy is based on the philosophy of Carl Gustav Jung, a 20th-century Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist. He is the founder of analytical psychotherapy; a form of depth therapy.

Depth therapy

focuses on the cause of your complaints and the processes that take place without you being aware of this, such as characteristics, experiences, emotions and thoughts that you ignore or are unaware of.
Once you become conscious of this, you discover the core of the person you are with all your talents, passions and strengths. You also learn to apply them both in daily life and in difficult situations you experience.  
You learn to embrace your positive as well as your negative qualities. After all, these make you the unique person you are.

Method of operation

During the therapy sessions I work with creative activities as well as conversation techniques to find the causes of your complaints.
These techniques help you to bring out unconscious images and information and contain a huge amount of information about you that we can use to identify the core of the psychological problems.
Everything that is available can be used during a session. So you are drawing one moment, listening or making music and another moment we are walking or boxing outside. Dreams, fantasies and (unintended) statements are also packed with information.

AdCor, to the Core 

But just understanding the problem is not enough to come to a recovery. You will actively work with the information and insights that come up during the therapy sessions. By integrating these techniques and activities into your daily life, your complaints decrease, thus allowing space for the person you actually are.