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About Conny Smaal

If you are looking to tackle the core of your psychological complaints, i am happy to provide assistance.   

Life is a quest for each and every individual.
Every human being is unique, and so is each quest. Although everyone chooses his/her own personal angle, in the end we all try to be as happy as possible. You may at some times experience interference with this and feel as if you are stuck. In these cases, it is good to have help.
Depth therapy has a permanent effect because you are made aware of what is going on in your head. This allows you to explore repressed characteristics, experiences, thoughts and feelings and deal with the cause of psychological complaints at the very core, thus reducing symptoms and providing a permanent positive effect in other areas of your life.
I myself have also experienced this. 


Is this all there is?

I worked as a financial administrator for over fifteen years. Despite doing well, I always had this inner voice: is this all there is? Is this the essence of my existence? I decided this was not the way to carry on until my retirement and in conjunction with a business coach I explored the things that would give me satisfaction. I decided to enter the Jung Academie Nederland in Amsterdam and recently graduated as a depth therapist.
I learned about my past, my positive and negative characteristics and talents and was made aware of what my unconscious was trying to tell me.
I have never heard that inner voice again and I now know that this is it for me.
I would like for you to experience the same and that you can be who you are both in your private life, as well as in your career.
This is the motivation behind my depth therapy practice.
If you are looking to permanently solve your psychological complaints, feel free to contact me for an informal introductory talk.